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“True Friendship”

“True Friendship” Date: 10 July 2016 Category: Soul

“No human can live without a true friendship”.

True Friendship

Friendship is a hard – to-find and to -form partnership. I feel like to find a true friend, it should be the one you share allot with; you  discover each other, press each other’s buttons , you may step away from and get back together without even noticing.

Your conversations never turn to arguments and if it does, it is always a healthy one. You maybe live  away from each other but have long long time thinking of each other; comparing, cherishing,  ignoring,  fighting against reality.

Smoothly getting back together and smoothly saying a bientôt 🙂
Enjoying the softness of emotions and the quietness of harmony… The agreement and
the disagreement…
Feeling each other even if you don’t see each other or physically not living with each other.
Not only that you be feeling supported by each other and just safe that each one has the other.
“I imagine if we all have such a person or more in our lives , then life will be worth living :)”
Have a wonderful life…


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