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BODY SCULPTING Date: 8 November 2016 Category: Uncategorized

Nowadays for so many people, an ongoing, busy and demanding daily life is achieving and keeping a healthy physical body. We all wish to feel and look the best we can.

Body sculpting can help us achieve this aim.

Body sculpting refers to a variety of plastic surgery procedures that planned to address specific problem spots. Most common of these procedures are abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and Liposuction.

Body sculpting should not be considered to be the only technique for weight loss, but it can be an additional tool to consider, to correct certain target areas that are not responsive to a balanced diet and exercise.

It may hold the solution you are seeking for a better-looking body. By reducing excess fat and skin that has developed in various regions, body sculpting gives you a smoother, more harmonious, and often more youthful appearance.

There are different options of body sculpting it can be surgical or non-surgical depending on your body needs.

During your consultation, your surgeon will help you to determine which of the body sculpting procedures will best help you in achieving your own personal goals.

Those who are most likely to see benefits from body sculpting have undergone significant weight loss, either through diet and exercise, through bariatric surgery (also known as gastric bypass surgery), or some other form of medical treatment. Following dramatic weight loss, skin that has been stretched is now unsupported. It often lacks the elasticity to conform to a reduced body size. This can result in all manner of unsightly sagging and uneven body contours.

These includes:

Hanging pockets of skin around the buttocks, groin, or thighs.

Drooping jowls on the face and extra neck skin.

Flabby upper arms.

Downward pointing breasts, which flatten against the stomach.

Overhanging skin in the abdominal area.

“Don’t settle for less, always seek for the best!” – Dr. Abeer Alkobaisi Cosm Plastic Clinic


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