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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

The breast is composed of the lactation gland which forms and contains the milk during lactation, the fat layer, the skin and some septal fibers to attach all the layers with each other. The breast is lying on the fascia and the muscles of the chest wall called the pectoralis muscles.

In breast augmentation, we have to consider several factors in order to determine the suitable solution for each and every patient. Some patients are suffering from a nearly flat chest which means that the skin envelope is tight, the fat and gland layers are thin and the muscle is strong; in such situation the most suitable solution is breast augmentation by silicon implant to be placed behind the muscle to give a natural appearance of the upper pole of the breast. Some are unhappy with the size of the breast and are looking for a bigger size, which means that they do have an amount of tissue (gland and fat layers) but they are hoping for a larger breast, in this case we can have the choice of implanting the silicon implant behind the gland instead as the patient is having a quite thick layer of overlying tissues. Other patients are complaining of empty breast envelope, which means that the skin is lax and has lost its elasticity, this condition happens with weight loss or after multiple lactation, so the solution in such situation will be breast augmentation and skin lift in order to tighten the skin envelop.

After the examination and the explanation of the suitable procedure I usually draw the steps of the breast augmentation to the patient. The surgery takes place at the hospital under general anesthesia, the incision will not be more than 3 CM in length underneath the breast, this will make the dissection of the breast implant pocket easy and so the breast implant will be implanted and the pocket will be closed, then will apply a very light dressing and the special bra.

The patient can be discharged home right after that breast augmentation as she become awake and stable. Will see the patient after one week during which we follow with her on a daily basis to make sure she is doing her dressing correctly. She is not allowed to carry heavyweights, to sleep on her abdomen or to do any exercise for the first 3 weeks.

The selection of the size – the size is related to the patients’ height, shoulder and hip width and the size and dimensions of the chest wall.