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“Breast Lift”

“Breast Lift” Date: 2 July 2016 Category: Body

“As we grow older we feel younger, we sense our feminine sensuality.”

I frequently face at the clinic a genuine request for breast lifting.


Breast lifting is always required when the woman finds it hard to fit into her usual bra size. When she doesn’t like the way her breast can’t be completely get held by the bra cup, when she actually can’t get rid of the bra; i.e. She needs to wear a bra under the T shirts, under the night gowns or even under her nightwear or swimwear

I managed over my years of practice to render this procedure as one of the most quick and simple procedure a patient would dream of.

It is a procedure to be done as a day case, takes nearly 1:30 hrs of operation, the patient feels comfortable afterwards, does not need strong painkillers or maybe nothing at all.

It requires the wear of a special bra for 4 weeks and to avoid exercise for a month.

It is again one of the procedures that I adore; doing it needs a sense of art and good judgment ahead of time. I like to take my time discussing the procedure with my patient.

I receive a huge number of women requesting to have this particular procedure, and a large number of them are coming to me from far away so what I do in this case is a complimentary phone consultation. I take all the information I need to know by phone and I ask them if they are OK to send their photos by e-mail.

“I study the case and get back to them with the surgery time and instructions. This has made life easy for them and myself.”

“P.S.  I sometimes need to implant the breast with a small silicone implant together with the breast lift to give an upper segment fullness which gives a firm looking breast for quite a long, long time… voila!”


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