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Chin Redefinition

Chin Redefinition Date: 1 August 2016 Category: Body

I usually face patients, women and men asking to have their chin redefined.

The complaint is either skin laxity, irregular oval of the face, or double chin.

The problem results from either; chin muscle relaxation or a certain amount of fat or weight loss. Accordingly, the treatment should handle each apart; the fat needs to be removed by suction under local anesthesia in a 15- minute procedure, this will help to reduce the volume also, will help to tighten the skin.

If the patient is having chin muscle laxity then muscle tightening techniques are required the mostly used is ULTHERAPY.


(Before and after 120 days post treatment)

After achieving a considerable amount of chin definition, then we look at the oval of the face and the harmony with the size of the jaw line.

In this case, we may consider a specific type of filling material to define the bone, i.e. the chin elongation, the mandibular bone widening and jaw line definition.


As you can understand here, the Chin Redefinition is a series of steps to reach to a wonderful result!

Be Beautiful! : )


Consultant – Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon



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