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“Facial Structure Restoration”

“Facial Structure Restoration” Date: 10 July 2016 Category: Body

How I see it?

When I do the filler, I handle it differently. From a woman’s point of view as we approach our facial structure and beauty.


I handle the syringe as if I am holding a paint brush and I place the filler by literally visualizing where I am placing it on the bone or under the muscle or deep in the skin tissues or even superficial.

I go deep if I want to lift or if I want to, strongly define a facial structure.

I go deep into the skin tissues if I want to enhance an area of the face like the cheeks or the lips.

I go superficial if I want to just, freshen up the skin to hydrate and stimulate the collagen.

Not only this ,, in shaping the face it is extremely artistic depend not only on the fact of how my hand is good and my knowledge is helping but also depend on my imagination tremendously

I imagine the prominence and the shadow below it the sign above it how far I should go with the projection and how much do I have to mold it afterwards.

The sitting, means, the position of the patient’s head. Her hair to be all tied up, the direction of the light, my drawing before while the patient is actually talking to me about her day, her work or her life in general all counts, even if the patient is chewing or not, but above all the antiseptic measures I strictly follow in my protocol.

We, as our part of the world, we wear a type of clothing called – Abaya, and it is mean to cover-up  what the woman is wearing underneath. I feel that it carries the dirt from the outside environment similarly with the head covered. Therefore, it is strictly not allowed to do my injections while the patient is wearing her cover up!

As I am done with my injection, I usually massage the treated area and supply the patient with ice to soothe the area not as it is soaring or something but it do feels good

I am planning to complement the injection session with a nice upcoming complementary step I am sure my patients will love

That is all about what I want to share with you about the (art of filling).