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“The Woman Inside Me”

“The Woman Inside Me” Date: 5 July 2016 Category: Soul

You know how it feels when you are overwhelmed with your emotions, when you actually can’t control your emotions your spiritual needs!!!! When your feelings are vulnerable! It happens to us in so many periods of our lives…

“My lady, you are smart, successful, overworking and you know what you want, you are a roller, a decision maker and you can turn the table always to your side.”

Keep it up and jump from a step to a higher BUT 

Keep on your kindness don’t be tough

Keep on your softness don’t be rough

Keep on your loving heart don’t be so serious…

We all can read it through your eyes how tender you are and how determine you are 

So I wanted to share with you how you can balance it all, the emotions and the overwork 

You must have a ME time, do anything you love to do, do anything which break the daily rhythm, do something opposes what you normally do

A long moment of silence if your job requires allot of talking 

A lazy period if your work require excessive physical activity

Vigorous exercise   if you have a sedentary type of job

A hobby that you usually have no time to do.

Take care of your outer self because this will have a big effect on your inner self 

A charity work, volunteering, sleeping for long hours 

Hang out with a person who can get out the best of you.

I personally picked up hanging out with a book that will allow me to keep quiet and will open up my creative mind and allows  me to  live a peaceful moment with personalities who do  not actually exist  except on papers between lines 😉



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