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“Role of Plastic Surgery in Women Empowerment”

“Role of Plastic Surgery in Women Empowerment” Date: 10 July 2016 Category: Soul

The updated meaning of women empowerment .


“It’s now such an overused word. You are
empowered if you have a choice.”

“If we are to assume empowerment automatically means gender equality, women’s rights, women’s strength…”

Empowerment in the…sense of just expansion of choices can occur in many ways which do not touch the patriarchy,

It’s not just that with increased choice you can choose to do something or have something, but you’re also able to…choose something that goes against the norm,”

Plastic surgery role in empowerment.

Empowerment from plastic surgery is regularly cited as an effect women experience post surgery. Suddenly they are beautiful, without their flaw(s), and being these things means the world is their oyster.

There are numerous reports of women getting various cosmetic procedures and suddenly feeling like a ‘new woman’ who can ‘achieve everything and anything.’ This argument is heavily entrenched in the western ideology of attractiveness and beauty being equal to success, with things like ‘Improvements in the women’s self-esteem.

Clearly, women are achieving psychological satisfaction from these procedures and enjoying the power they are taking over their bodies. However, while this appears to heavily support the idea of plastic surgery being a conforming practice

In the end, this is a debate which relies heavily on each individual to know their reasons for having cosmetic surgery and acknowledging them, without feeling pressured or that they will be mocked for doing so in saying yes or no. In my personal opinion, I see it as empowering.

To decide to undertake such pain, to be forever altered and scarred, is a form of body modification, and taking charge over your flesh is incredibly empowering and knowing you actively made such a decision and decided to undertake this is as far from conforming to ideals as you can get.

“Enjoy your power of beauty…” 🙂



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